2019 WNFR: All Around

The All Around champion is to honor the best and most versatile cowboy in the sport for the entire rodeo season. The PRCA cowboy that wins the most prize money by competing in at least two events, while earning at least $3,000 for each event, will be given the all-around champion title for the year. The NFR in Las Vegas from December 5th to the 14th will determine the all-around world champion this year.

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Most of the cowboys that compete for the all-around title compete in both steer roping and tie-down roping, which makes sense because both events complement each other very well and they can easily be done at the same rodeo. The Cowboys are not limited to a certain number of events, they can compete in as many as they wish but most cowboys are limited to these two events if they want to win the all-around world championship.

Brazile tops All Around

One of the most interesting storylines at the National Finals Rodeo this year will be that two brother-in-laws battling it out for the all-around title. Tuf Cooper and Trevor Brazile have been brother-in-laws since 2001 when Brazile married Cooper’s sister Shada. They have been great friends ever since then and great competitors when Cooper joined the PRCA in 2008.

“It’s unique because I’ve watched him grow up,” Brazile said. “I’ve tried to help him any way I can, and to see his work ethic develop the way it has – nobody’s outworking him in the event that he does… in my opinion” That is an incredible endorsement from the amazing champion Brazile.

Tuf Cooper is the son of Roy Cooper who is one of the greatest cowboys of all time. Roy was the first cowboy to break $2 million in career earnings and he has cemented his legacy as a legendary cowboy. Tuf has followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming one of the bright young talents of his generation.

The 29-year-old already has four world titles to his name including three tie-down roping and one all around world championship. The all-around world championship came last year when he was able to best Brazile by over $20,000 to take home his first all-around championship.

Trevor Brazile is the greatest cowboy of all time. There is no discussion, he without a doubt has become the best ever over the past 20 years since he joined the PRCA. Brazile has won 23 world championships which is 14 more than the next closest competitor. He won 15 all-around titles out of 16 years from 2002 until 2015 which is simply incredible. He is one of the greatest competitors of all time and the fact that Cooper was the one to defeat him makes for an absolutely incredible story.

Look out for an all-star matchup between Brazile and Cooper in the WNFR. They will not hold anything back as both of the Cowboys try and win another all-around championship.

This storyline adds a lot to this year’s NFR and every single rodeo fan will be excited to see how the event pans out and who takes home the all-around world championship. Make sure that you watch Brazile and Cooper every single night at the National Finals Rodeo from December 5th to the 14th.

The Top 15 All-Around Cowboys in the 2019 National Finals Rodeo:

1          Tuf Cooper
2          Trevor Brazile
3          Rhen Richard
4          Ryle Smith
5          Steven Dent
6          Curtis Cassidy
7          Paul David Tierney
8          Jordan Ketscher
9          Marcus Theriot
10        Dakota Eldridge
11        Clayton Hass
12        Seth Hall
13        Tanner Green
14        Russell Cardoza
15        Chance Oftedahl

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